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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) has campuses in Oklahoma City and in Tulsa. The OUHSC is the State of Oklahoma's major health professions educational institution, training physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, public health specialists, and a wide range of allied health personnel.

The OUHSC is also one of only four comprehensive health centers in the nation with seven health professional Colleges.

Clinical and basic sciences research activities are underway throughout the OUHSC in multiple Research Centers including the Diagnostic Center for Alzheimer's Disease. Faculty and students within each college are active in projects that possess both scientific and clinical applications. Areas of research range from the general to the specific and virtually all hold great applicability to large groups of people.

OUHSC faculty and students use the clinical, laboratory, and teaching facilities of: Core research facilities, services, and laboratories at the OUHSC include:

All M.D./Ph.D Program classes and accreditation are taken through the OUHSC, but students may conduct their research projects at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF), a private, non-profit biomedical research facility chartered in 1946 that specializes in the basic science of human disease.

OMRF scientists work at the molecular level to understand and find treatments for a range of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, arthritis, lupus and AIDS.

OMRF Research Programs OMRF Core Facilities

The OMRF also houses the state’s only Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Charles T. Esmon, Ph.D. whose research focuses on mechanisms that control the process of blood clotting.


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